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Al Jazeera Lubricant


                SINCE 1983

Brake Fluids

Product 9
Al Jazeera Brake Fluids are formulated with high dry and wet boiling points adjusted to high temperature in braking systems and preventing vapor lock. Products include Brake Fluid DOT-3 and DOT-4 in 250 Ml and 500 Ml Bottles.

Benefits :
  • Provides protection for metals and used in braking system such as cast iron, aluminum, steel, copper, brass.

  • Al Jazeera Lubricant Factory is reputed brake fluid suppliers and transmission fluid suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE. We are one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality engine oils and lubricants in the UAE, Middle East and other nations. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology and quality base products. When you look for brake fluids suppliers or Transmission fluid suppliers in Dubai and Ajman, Al Jazeera shall be your right choice.

    Specifications :