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Al Jazeera Lubricant


                SINCE 1983

Two Stroke 2T Outboard /Motor Cycle

Product 8
Al Jazeera Outboard Oil TCW-3 meets the requirement of International standards. It contains premium quality lubricating Base Stocks plus ashless additives and increase detergency to give the best quality protection in all type of high performance two cycle engines for TCW-3.

Benefits :
  • Maximize additive treatment, including increased detergency .
  • Protects engine against failures due to scuffing, ring sticking, port deposits, bearing failures and plug fouling.
  • Mixes easily with fuel for pre-mix applications.

  • Al Jazeera Lubricant Factory in Ajman and Dubai UAE are a premier outboard 2 stroke motor oil suppliers. Our out board lubricants helps to provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection, which help extend engine life, Minimize performance-robbing carbon deposits and maintain peak engine performance and reliability. Quality conscious customers always look for Al Jazeera outboard lubricants.

    Specifications :