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Al Jazeera Lubricant


                SINCE 1983


Product 7
Al Jazeera Greases are of top quality made with both Calcium and Lithium Soap according to NLG1-2 and NLG1-3 Specifications. Products include Lithium Base Multipurpose Grease and Calcium Based Grease-3.

Benefits :
  • Excellent Oxidation stability provides longer lifetime & resists hardening at high temperatures.
  • Non -Corrosive to all Metals.
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity provides better protection and longer components life.
  • Reduce Grease consumption due to superior adhesiveness, better resistance to mechanical working, vibration and wash out.

  • Al Jazeera Lubricant Company are reputed grease raw material and industrial greases suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE. We specialize in manufacturing and supply automotive and industrial greases that are compatible for enhancing the performance of vehicle engines and machines. Specifically formulated from best quality of materials, Al Jazeera greases provide excellent lubrication under normal as well as negative mechanical conditions. Al Jazeera is now one of the widely acclaimed grease suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE.

    Specifications :