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Al Jazeera Lubricant


                SINCE 1983

Diesel Engine Oil

Product 2
All Al Jazeera Diesel Engine Oil are made with full virgin oil of all groups with the full dosage of additives with guaranteed performance. Diesel Engine Oil includes 15W40 CI-4, 50 CF-4, 50 CF, 40 CF, 50 CD/SF.

Benefits :
  • Exceptional Engine protection under high-load conditions.
  • Superior Engine Cleanliness.
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and sludge formation.
  • Highly reduced wear and deposits.
  • Multi-graded characteristics for all season’s use.

  • Al Jazeera Lubricant factory are leading Diesel engine oil suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE. We Have a wide range of diesel engine oil and lubricants for your automotive. We provide the excellent quality product to all our customers and their satisfaction has enabled us to become a most preferred diesel engine oil suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE.

    Specifications :