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Al Jazeera Lubricant


                SINCE 1983

Gasoline Engine Oil

Product 1
Al Jazeera Gasoline Engine Oil are made as per the SAE Grades and API Standards of 10W30 SL, 15W40 SL/CF, 20W50 SL/CF, 20W50 SJ/CF, 20W50 SF/CD, 50 SL, 50 SF. They all are used as per their requirements

Benefits :
  • They provide excellent engine protection under the most difficult working conditions.
  • Their excellent low volatility characteristics ensure good control of Oil Consumptions.
  • They can be used in all latest naturally or turbocharged engines as per their requirements.
  • Effective dispersants results in maintaining engine cleanliness.
  • Prevents agglomeration of Sludge Particles.

  • Al Jazeera Lubricant factory are leading gasoline engine oil suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE. We use latest technology to produce the best lubricants for your Automotive. We provide the excellent quality product to all our customers and their satisfaction has enabled us to become most preferred gasoline engine oil suppliers in Ajman and Dubai, UAE

    Specifications :